New Regional Provincial Political Party Formed

Vancouver Island To Become a New Canadian Province

Eldercare: Caregiving From a Distance

It’s hard to believe our family is a week away from a mini-holiday getaway. That’s right, it’s summertime in the Comox Valley.

Hanging Baskets in Victoria.

The hanging baskets are now up in Victoria, it must be summer. 

BC Seniors Advocate encourages seniors to access BC Property Tax Deferment Program

As the deadline approaches for BC homeowners to pay property taxes, BC Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie is encouraging seniors to consider property tax deferment as a way to stay living independently.

Homeless women.

The pending explosion of homeless single women on Vancouver Island is very real.

The Doctor Game: Sometimes best treatment is no treatment at all

What is one of the major health hazards today?

Plan Ahead For Your Next Trip to the ER

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit not one hospital but two! After rupturing my Achilles tendon in a squash tournament, I was taken to our local hospital where upon arrival, I discovered I didn’t have my CareCard on … Continue reading