“Cohousing: Part of the Solution to the Housing Crisis in BC and the CRD?”

The worsening problem of housing affordability is producing hardship for people all across British Columbia and the Capital Region District. In particular, people on fixed or limited income like seniors or single-parent families may face bigger challenges in finding and … Continue reading

Doctors of BC policy paper gives significant boost to family caregivers in BC

With one million British Columbians providing 70-75% of the care for family and friends faced with disease, disability or frailty due to aging, family caregivers need and deserve to be formally recognized as part of BC’s health care system.

Problem Gambling

I recently attended a presentation on the scale and scope of problem gambling. It confirmed for me that gambling addiction is every bit as dangerous as any other addictions i.e. alcohol or drugs.

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After 12 years Seniors continues evolve to the needs and wants of seniors on Vancouver Island. We constantly monitor the gist and trend of the questions and inquiries we receive and what we glean from other sources.

Ode to John Hellum.

John Hellum was larger than life in every possible way, physically, mentally and gastronomically. Unfortunately for us John has died and has left us poor mortals for that ultimate kitchen in the sky.

Caring For Your Parents.

Go to a dinner party or the gym and you’re sure to hear someone fretting about their parent’s health and well-being.

How is the immune system linked to Alzheimer’s development?

Though environmental factors, genetics, and lifestyle choices are believed to be the primary causes of Alzheimer’s, recent research indicates a compromised immune system may also play a significant role in the disease’s development.

 BC Seniors Advocate launches largest ever survey of HandyDART service in BC

BC’s Seniors Advocate is asking 30,000 users of HandyDART how well the service is helping them meet their transportation needs. HandyDART is a door-to-door service provided by TransLink, BC Transit, and their service providers for passengers with physical or cognitive … Continue reading