Overall, many older adults are capable of driving safely, even into their seventies and eighties. But people age differently. Several factors place seniors at much greater risk for road accidents.

The Lighter Side of Caregiving

Are you laughing less than you used to? Are your days growing grey with the weight of responsibility for the person you are caring for? Does it feel like you’re growing disconnected from them?

Rainforest Arts – The new kid in town

It’s really exciting to see things picking up again. This year, we are getting so many reports about an upswing in the economy and everywhere we go “SOLD” signs are proving that the real estate market is booming.

Why We Should Be So Grateful That We live On Vancouver Island.

This weekend we are supposed to contemplate how lucky we are to live in British Columbia. That’s the theory, anyway.

The 3 ring circus that is American Politics.

The Presidential election campaign that is currently underway in America is truly frightening.

 StatsCan Income Data Good News for BC Families…Bad News for BC Seniors

BC’s Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie, is expressing concerns about the declining income of seniors, which is particularly acute in BC relative to other parts of the country, according to Statistics Canada’s latest income survey released last week.

The very concept of self policing by organisations of any sort will never be acceptable to the general public.

  The authority to do so renders the outcome suspect, self-serving and meaningless.

5 Tips to Minimize Family Conflict While Caring for an Aging Loved One.

  The common pitfalls of family dynamics and conflicts end to revolve around the issue of caring for an aging loved on.