The Doctor Game: Sometimes best treatment is no treatment at all

What is one of the major health hazards today?

Plan Ahead For Your Next Trip to the ER

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit not one hospital but two! After rupturing my Achilles tendon in a squash tournament, I was taken to our local hospital where upon arrival, I discovered I didn’t have my CareCard on … Continue reading

Why a Seniors Retirement Community?

Do you find that you are no longer enjoying cooking? Not eating properly? Or maybe you’re lonely and having a hard time getting out of your home to visit. Are you feeling isolated…or bored?

Watch Out – Killing Pets with Painkillers

Acetaminophen (Tylemol) This one reliably kills cats.

Vancouver Island 1941

There were four crockery barrels on our back porch.

B.C. Seniors Advocate underscores need for all seniors to file taxes.

B.C. Seniors Advocate is reinforcing the need for seniors in the province to file tax returns, even if they think they do not make enough income to file.

5 Tips to Minimize Family Conflict While Caring for an Aging Loved One.

The common pitfalls of family dynamics and conflicts end to revolve around the issue of caring for an aging loved

Why Natural Gas? an article by Todd Mahovlich.

Natural gas is better for your pocketbook.