Salish Sea Waters Catalyze Economic & World Heritage Initiatives

“There’s something special in the water of the Salish Sea,’ Governor Inslee said yesterday, and we agree,” said Laurie Gourlay in a letter to the Washington State Governor and BC Premier today.

BC Seniors Advocate releases results of landmark home support survey.

Isobel Mackenzie, Seniors Advocate for BC, released a report today highlighting results of BC’s first ever province-wide survey of home support clients and their family members.

Seniors 101 Exiting New Helpline

After 12 years Seniors 101 continues to evolve and respond to the needs of our users.

Is The Person You Care for at Risk of Wandering or Getting Lost?

If you are caring for loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s you might have experienced feelings of helpless anxiety when they inexplicably wander off and you can’t find them.

Hospital Sitters: Critical Care For Older Patients

One of the most critical places to have a caregiver with you is during a hospital stay. Many people find this a surprising concept.

How To Provide Cognitive Stimulation For Seniors With Alzheimers.

  If your senior loved one has received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, there are a few things you can do to help preserve his or her cognitive health.

Why Any And All Activity Matters.

The health benefits of exercise are extraordinarily well documented. Regular exercise lowers your risk of a stroke by 27%, reduces instances of both high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease by 40%, cuts your chance of developing diabetes by 50%, and … Continue reading

Taking The Car Keys Away From Elderly Parents

Overall, many older adults are capable of driving safely, even into their seventies and eighties. But people age differently. Several factors place seniors at much greater risk for road accidents.