Salish Sea World Heritage Site

With both provincial and federal government leaders emphasizing the need for economic and environmental solutions, and the need growing for long-lasting benefits and employment in BC’s southern coast, a Salish Sea World Heritage Site proposal is being seen as a … Continue reading

Petty bureaucratic policy robs senior of his dignity.

The article below shows how petty internal  policy can  inflict totally unnecessary pain, suffering and loss of dignity to a elderly man for its own convenience.

 More ride availability and shorter wait times highlighted in HandyDART survey results

BC’s Seniors Advocate released results of a province-wide survey of almost 7,500 HandyDART users in the province today.

A Green Burial into our Blue Ocean.

Located just a few hundred feet from shore within the Strait of Georgia, an artificial reef using cremated remains, is ready to be born. 

Cycling Salt Spring

When a friend invited me to go on a cycling adventure to Salt Spring Island to take in the Saturday Farmer’s Market, all I really knew about the island was a multitude of artists, artisans and authors call it home, … Continue reading

Wear A Pussyhat

The day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. I have just learnt about this incredible gathering of women that is going to happen in Washington on January 21st. to reinforce the rights and freedoms of women, The Women’s March on Washington, from the newspaper … Continue reading

Cannabis: THC, CBD, and Cannabinoids

As we head towards full legalization, we are starting to see the views of society starting to change in regards to cannabis. Every day, new research is being developed and we are finding more and more uses for this extraordinary … Continue reading


The holidays are approaching and 2016 will quickly be in the past. You still have time to do this year-end checklist for retirement plans; RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plans), RRIFs (Registered Retirement Income Plans) and TFSAs (Tax Free Savings Accounts).