Fentanyl , a Mere Hiccup Compared to Alcohol.

The fentanyl crisis that is the lead story on news outlets is serious to those concerned but it pales in comparison to the death and destruction that alcohol causes worldwide.

Medical Marijuana.

Marijuana, (Pot), has had a strong social and economic presence on the Island for many years.

Investment Insights as Trump and Republicans sweep elections

  The 58th U.S. presidential election is finally over. Donald Trump will be the next President, to the surprise of many observers considering he trailed in most national polls in the weeks leading up to the vote.

On The Brighter Side Of Aging.

For some of us, the very word ‘statistics’ can send us into a blue funk! We anticipate a gloom and doom perspective on groups of people—maybe the group we belong to or care about—that will influence policy makers in ways … Continue reading

Real Estate Tips for Seniors – Buy/Move First of Sell First?

If your financial situation allows it, the ideal scenario would be to secure a place to move to prior to selling your home. Below find the benefits of Buying or Moving First before Selling:

A wake-up message and reality check for politicians.

The recent election in the States and the Brexit both show how totally out of touch established political parties are. In their eyes, in the rarified atmosphere and world they have created for themselves, they believe they are all seeing … Continue reading

Working with Difficult Styles.

Conquer your Fashion Fears. One of the most frequent things that I hear as a fashion consultant is “I can’t wear (insert piece of clothing), because of (insert problem).” Many women shy away from bold prints and fanciful details for … Continue reading

The Girl on the Train and the Plea of Self-Defence

Spoiler alert – The Girl on the Train is out in theatres right now