The Salish Sea Coasts Into The House of Commons

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“The Salish Sea is ten weeks away from being recognized as a World Heritage Site,” according to the ever-optimistic predictions of Laurie Gourlay, Interim Director of the Salish Sea Trust – the organization that submitted the UNESCO WHS application.

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“We want Parliamentarians to seize this legacy moment for Canada,” says Gourlay. “To realize how important the Salish Sea is to the west coast’s future, and to release the many economic and  environmental benefits that will accrue by recognizing it as a World Heritage Site.”

Working with SeaLegacy the non-profit Salish Sea Trust submitted a World Heritage Site application to Parks Canada in May. Accompanied by 15,000 signatures of support this spring the Trust’s Petition maintains that the Pacific Ocean gateway is vitally important to Canadians, and  directly calls upon MP’s to ‘show leadership for coastal and marine protection initiatives’.

“We’re doubling down, reaching out to Parliament and to all Canadians,” Gourlay adds. “We want support from all who love the Salish Sea, who appreciate its diversity and beauty, and the incredible historical, cultural and natural values these west coast waters embody.”

The Petition calls for UNESCO World Heritage Site designation to help protect some 3000 species in this unique inner ocean, along with recognition of a 10,000 year old First Nation culture that deserves honour and respect. All Canadians are invited to show their support.

A copy of House of Commons Salish Sea Petition E-1269 can be found at: (
Further information:

Laurie Gourlay     Kait Burgan                          MP Rachel Blaney
Interim Director   SeaLegacy                   North Island—Powell River
Salish Sea Trust  250-816-0046                      House of Commons
(250 722-3444)               613-943-2185

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