Easy Sharpie Mug For Valentines Day

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Here’s an easy way to dress up or customize inexpensive dishes, for yourself or as a personal gift. All you need is some Sharpie brand pens, a mug, wine glass, plate, any dish of your choice, and an oven.

Because Valentine’s Day is approaching, I thought I would show you how to make an easy heart themed mug.

Step One

This is just a simple dollar store mug. I’ve used red for the heart theme, but a plain white mug using a red Sharpie pen would look great, too.






Step Two

Lay the mug down on a folded piece of paper. Trace the inside of the handle along the fold line of the paper.






Step Three

Tape your heart pattern along the handle as shown in the picture below. Once you have the pattern taped down, you can start to ‘dot’ in the colour of your choice. For this particular mug I started with gold and finished with black. I added more around the heart pattern and then lessened them as I moved away from the cut out.








Finished Mug.

After you are happy with your results, bake in an oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. You should put the item into a cold oven, allow the temperature to reach 350 degrees and allow item to cool off after the oven is turned off at 20 minutes. This will prevent any chance of cracking – more important when dealing with glass, as opposed to ceramic.

Baking will make the items dishwasher safe. However, I would recommend handwashing to preserve the integrity of the markers.

You can use any pattern or free hand your design, add a name and voila! A personalized item for that hard to buy person.

Sharpies also work great on wine glasses. Simply tape a pattern on the inside of the wine glass and trace pattern. I then bake the wine glass laying down so there is no chance of it tipping over.


Wine glass variation:

Tape desired design on inside of wine glass and trace. I added a dress and bodice For the bodice, I added flat backed marbles to this particular design. Bake marbles with glass prior to attaching with glass glue.










Kat Theus is the marketing manager at Nanaimo Seniors Village and an avid crafter. She often helps with a monthly paper crafting/stamping group at the independent living building.

If you are interested in seeing what some of the Nanaimo Senior Village residents and some outside vendors have made, NSV will be holding their annual craft fair on Thursday, November 23 from 10-3pm at 6089 Uplands Drive, Nanaimo – visitor parking in the back off of Uplands Drive. We would love to see you there!

For more information call 250-760-2325.

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