Newsletter – October 2008

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October 2008 Newsletter for Seniors on Vancouver Island
Magnificent North Vancouver Island

We have now had the first frosts and although the colours of our trees are still magnificent, the leaves are beginning to fall. The seasons are once again changing. Whilst the mornings and the evenings have a definite ‘nip’ about them, the sun is still warm, and it’s such an invigorating time of the year.

The Island is now at its best in so many ways, including the absence of traffic on the highway. It is a great time to explore the Island and because of its size no matter where you are on the Island, nowhere can be more than a very comfortable six hour drive away (driving time from Victoria to Port Hardy).

Many people refer to Nanaimo as the mid-island, which is totally wrong, because geographically Campbell River holds that position. 90% plus of the Island’s population live south of Campbell River. Less than 20,000 people have half the Island to themselves and what a beautiful half they have. Many people believe that the true Vancouver Island begins north of Campbell River.

Statistically we know only a small percentage of residents and visitors venture north of Nanaimo which is so sad because they are missing so much. The scenery and the people are incredible, and it is so close. Most of the residents of southern Vancouver Island have probably never experienced such beauty. The mountains, the ocean, the wildlife and the silence are seen and physically felt in a way that cannot be adequately described in words. You have to be there to truly understand and to glimpse what this land must have been like before urbanization. Have you any idea how bright the stars are when the nearest street lamp is miles away. It is breath taking. You owe it to yourself to go there. By going there you will also help to sustain our Island as a community and as a way of life. You will contribute to the local economies and have a great relaxing experience without having to endure line ups, fees and surcharges. You will also drive without constantly having vehicles in front of you and in your rear view mirror.

Do it, do it now, and enjoy.