Newsletter – May 2012


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May 2012 Newsletter for Seniors on Vancouver Island

The Elephant Sanctuary, Hohenwald, TN


Love and compassion, a much-used phrase that I am sure has many different interpretations as to what it means. Is it a state of mind that only exists solely between humans? No. Humans can share love and compassion for their pets. Can love and affection be shared between animals? As a result of the extensive study by people like Jane Goodall into the behavior of large primates, there can be no doubt as to the bond that exists between their family members that are very similar to that of humans. So, can such feelings exist between species? Before you answer this, use the links below to the incredible story of Tarra (an elephant) and Bella (a dog) at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.


Bella and Tarra, devoted friends at The Elephant Sanctuary, Tennessee

Bella and Tarra, devoted friends

There is a strong link between the sanctuary and British Columbia stemming back to the summer of 2003 when Tina became headline news regarding her health at the Vancouver Game farm.









The Elephant Sanctuary:

Tina’s story:

Tarra and Bella’s story:

Love and compassion are in abundance at the Elephant sanctuary, between the elephants, between the elephants and their devoted caregivers and between the elephants and …..

Roy Summerhayes.

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