Morganne Michel Pickering September 2011

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Peace Now

Morganne Michel Pickering
In Harmony: Living From Your HeartMind

Over the years I have read innumerable texts, writings, poems, proclamations, rantings and songs for and about peace. I have marched, shouted, wept and pleaded to?? for peace. I have felt sad, jubilant, depressed, angry, confused and despair.

For me the answer to and for all the “causes” of my acts…is “STOP”  to all the governments, militaries, religions, organizations, monetary systems, bureaucrats, to all “those” who think that they have the right to decree, impose their way/belief on someone , some ”other”.

Have we gone so far that there is no turning back, is all falling on deaf ears and does anyone out there care anymore, are  we numb and used to ”that is just the way it is?”

In a beautiful book “Instead of Arms” by Folke Bernadotte, a Swede, written just after the second world war he writes “It is my firm conviction that all activities founded on love and charity have great possibilities for bridging the gap caused be the hatred and misunderstanding now prevalent between nations in the shadow of (wars). Let mercy speak instead of arms.

Judge not that ye not be judged…I know of no more beautiful words…if they could have been the guiding principle for society, the world today would have been different”  (Rhodes 1948).

Our world and all the various special interests or at least “they “ think they are special…usually created in fear and by greed and  run for monetary gain and “supposed “power over” have deliberately set about creating a way of life that so many people, cultures and countries have bought into that we no longer have and real freedom, democracy or voice left that is respected or heard. While there are wonderful  global peace groups and organizations, individuals,  and I am sure that there are significant movements  forward; I find myself still knowing that the real answers are not being implemented.

Stop…Cause and Create No Harm!!!         Simple…just do it !!!     Now !!!

Ghandi said we need to be he peace we wish to see…one person at a time committing to this action, way speech.  Be the Peaceful Warrior, there is nothing needed to be so. Take the self-responsibility, the mantle, the role, play it to the hilt, grovel in it, show off in it.

In the Art of Peace (by Philip Dunn, adapted from Sun-Tzu’s Art of War), the Five Matters are;

  • Love, The Way…the only way…loving ourselves to truly love others
  • Creating Heaven on Earth, being more conscious and aware
  • Vigilance, setting you path/intention and committing to the Way
  • Silence, offers energy and insight
  • Power, the lack of blame…arises out of the previous matters love, consciousness, vigilance, and silence.

I wish you all a safe and connected life…in peace, for peace, for all time …Pass it on…please.

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