Newsletter – August 2010

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August 2010 Newsletter for Seniors on Vancouver Island

Seniors 101 continues its exciting and remarkable journey. In 2008 101 averaged 24,000 hits per month, in 2009 we grew to 35,000 hits per month and for the first six months of 2010 we have averaged over 63,000 hits per month!!! Wow!!!

101 has created a life of its own by successfully delivering an extensive data base, our very talented “Island Voices” and “101’s Notice Board” in a very easy to use and easy to read format. By being more than just a source of raw information we now have an ever growing number of repeat users.

Our “Island Voices” cover a wide range of topics month after month and for this I would like to publicly thank them. One of the beauties of the web page format is that articles are never thrown away, or lost, because as each new article appears we archive the previous one. Over time this has created quite a library which is used extensively.

“101’s Notice Board” has created two distinct user groups; the people who post notices and the people that read them. The group that posts announcements ranges from major companies, to education providers, to arts and entertainment, to graduation classes to …… Together they have created a much needed and used outlet.

Thank you to all the people that use Seniors 101.

Finally a huge “Thank you” to our advertisers for their continued support.

Best regards,
Roy Summerhayes.

P.S. Click here to see the remarkable position we have with Google.