Valerie Edwards

Valerie Edwards, RE/MAX Camosun

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Valerie Edwards
Sensitive Sales Solutions, RE/MAX Camosun

Valerie Edwards is a licensed Realtor with RE/MAX Camosun with over 21 years of experience in the real estate industry, exclusively on Vancouver Island.  She offers the kind of professional but friendly assistance that seniors appreciate when buying or selling a home.

Valerie Edwards
Sensitive Sales Solutions
RE/MAX Camosun
Cell: 250-477-9947

Current Article: March 2013

Stager vs. Downsizer – What’s the Difference?

You’ve loved your home, raised your kids here, enjoyed so many years being comfortable…but things have changed.  The kids have long gone, the house is too big, the yard-work is too much and it’s just simply time to move to a more suitable living situation.

You look around, take fresh notice of all the “stuff” that you’ve accumulated over the past decades and you just want to flop in your easy chair and get lost in a book.  Overwhelmed is the word.  Continue



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