Newsletter – October 2009

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October 2009 Newsletter for Seniors on Vancouver Island

It’s October and Thanksgiving, or more traditionally, Harvest Thanksgiving is about to be celebrated again. Here on Vancouver we have some of the most fertile farm land in the province. Unfortunately very little of the food that we now eat is actually grown here, it’s down to about 4%. Why? Surely nothing is more basic, more important and, in the long term, more critical than to have the ability and the resources (read farm land) to ensure that we can feed ourselves. We must do all that we can to reverse this tragedy. We must stop the demise of the family farm. When family farms disappear we not only loose the supply of good fresh healthy food we loose the cornerstone of a healthy community, young families.

The other thing that is critical for the family farm is the ability to sell their products. Farmers are good at what they do, farm. They may not be as good at marketing their product in a way and at a price that increases the likelihood of their survival. That is another industry all together.

The article below is provided by Share Organics, they and other organizations like them are an essential element if the family farm is to not only survive, but to thrive. By buying locally Island grown products not only do we do our part to support local farms, we get to enjoy great fresh food as it was meant to be: – local, fresh and in season.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Roy Summerhayes

Local Food after the Markets Close

Share Organics has grown from a ten family buyers group into a full service home delivery company serving Victoria and vicinity for the past 12 years. Share Organics specializes in local organic produce and over the years has worked with the farmers in our region encouraging them to grow more produce for a wider market.

In January 2007 Share Organics moved into a larger space at Hillside and Douglas. Delivery capacity is now double and we are ready to deliver local foods to more customers! And the timing is right because the local farmers are growing that much more and are working hard to extend the growing season.

In summertime Share Organics serves up local fruit and vegetables and also brings in peaches and apricots from the Okanagan. In the past years we had to rely on the BC mainland farmers for some of our vegetables needs but the last few years Island farmers have produced enough variety and quantity to allow us to offer all local vegetables in the summer and fall! Organic island fruit is harder to come by in quantity. Local berries are usually not a problem. However this past summer was not a good year for strawberries and raspberries in our region. We did enjoy a bumper crop of blueberries and some delicious melons! On the fruit side of things Share Organics is looking for local sources for more plums, pears, figs and grapes – organic of course.

Share Organics offers 3 box sizes. Contents can be customized by you each week to your family’s tastes on our comprehensive website. OR we can do it for you. Just let us know what you Never want in your box and what you Always want. You can setup a Standing or recurring Order to come every week, second week, once a month. We deliver from Cordova Bay to Langford and all areas in between. Our deliveries come to your door or apartment on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on where you live.

Share Organics is all about making local produce more accessible to the community. Many of our customers have gardens and shop at farmer’s markets in the summer and we support that as an important part of our region’s food security. In winter it is harder to source local produce but Share Organics has contracted farmers to grow winter root crops and hardy greens to extend the local season for consumers and provide winter income for farmers.

So after the markets close at Thanksgiving you can still maintain your commitment to the 100 mile diet by enjoying fruit and vegetables in a Share Organics Box and adding on local meats and organic groceries available online at

Meanwhile all the good folks at Share Organics will keep encouraging Island farmers to grow other important food groups like nuts, grains and beans!

Call us to set up your deliveries: 250 595-6729.