Morganne Michel Pickering June 2010

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Topics Close to My Heart

Morganne Michel Pickering

In Harmony: Living From Your HeartMind

As this is my first article for Seniors 101 I will endeavour to introduce myself by way of mentioning a few topics close to my heart.

I really do believe that women are the answers to most if not all of the various and many issues presenting themselves in our lives at this time. You may have heard that His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that… “the world will be saved by the western woman”… Upon hearing this my response was “of course” …we are more educated, have more money at our disposal, not stressed re healthcare, generally experience a good quality of life, take better care of ourselves than the previous generation and have a great deal more decision power and freedom.

Now having said this; I am very aware of the many women in this country and beyond who do not enjoy some of these “gifts” daily or ever. What does it take to change this? As a woman of a certain age I have experienced and witnessed some of the challenges most women must meet and endure as we create our lives and especially juggle home, family and business. Whether you are at home, work for someone else or yourself; there are many areas of tough choices and limitations.

In an ideal situation …and yes after all my “realities” I still hold out for the ideal /equitable outcome; what I know for sure is that a woman has the strength, fortitude and creativity to meet any and all challenges that may come her way.

One of the most important attributes a woman has is another woman that will speak up and support her even when she may not agree wholeheartedly. Just that one more voice adds credence to the dialog and will shift the energy and create an openness for a new solution.

Are you a women who respects and supports other women , no matter what? Or are you a woman who sits back, critiques, waits, maybe negates the woman speaking? When we witness all the various issues of turmoil to-day…do you know that just one voice can start a change, for all??? WE are what the world has been waiting for.

Our natural gifts of creating, birthing, caring for, nurturing, listening, dialoguing ..are the perfect skills, and gifts that our community and planet need right here right now. This is a pivotal time in our her/history. All that you have become is required now, irrespective of age…to move forward, to create a new way of being for the women who come after us and to birth new answers, ideas and dialogs in every area of life. Take a breath, check your heart, listen deeply…what is it saying?…can you start something new?…connect with an idea, a vision…it doesn’t have to be big…and then call a friend, start something wonderful that will support, encourage, or change an outmoded situation. WE are brave, awesome and delightful when in our full power place. Acknowledge and Enjoy You,… Your talents, gifts and presence and share it with the world.

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