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Tawnya and Chris Wilkinson are very passionate about their fitness, and are passionate about helping others live better lives. In 2007, while helping others achieve their health goals through personal training and wellness coaching, they began dreaming of launching their own business together where they could help more people. Within weeks Tawnya and Chris had found the opportunity they were looking for. Blending a passion for helping others with elder care turned out to be a natural fit for this couple. Since starting their own award winning Nurse Next Door franchise in 2008, Tawnya and Chris have worked hard to continue helping others while uniting a team of people who love working together. Living their core values each and every day in their personal lives and business has created a powerful synergy. ‘Make a difference in the lives of others’ and ‘admire people’ are two of those core values that guide them and help their personal and business relationships grow.

Tawnya & Chris Wilkinson
Nurse Next Door
Serving the Cowichan, Nanaimo & Parksville and surrounding communities
Cowichan 250-748-4357
Nanaimo 250-667-0190
Parksville 250-927-1895


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Do you know what advance care planning is? You should.

Advance care planning is when you or a loved one writes down your wishes and instructions for future health care. Basically, it’s a living will built around one’s beliefs, values and wishes. Advance care planning allows someone to express fully and thoughtfully their wishes for future health decisions. Continue


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