Oceanside Gatekeepers

Oceanside Gatekeeper Program

Our motto is “looking out for one another”.

The role of the Gatekeeper is to provide the essential link between any adult who may be at risk and the available support services.

A Gatekeeper is any person in the community who wants to help — a bank teller, store clerk, pharmacist, apartment manager, firefighter, realtor, lawyer, neighbour and YOU.

Gatekeepers learn to recognize changes in a person’s appearance or behaviour.

If they feel an individual is having a hard time managing day to day living, they can call the

  • GATEKEEPER REFERRAL LINE – 248-0455 (24 hours)
  • The call is confidential and takes only minutes. Early recognition can prevent a more serious crisis from arising.

The Gatekeeper Program is a partnership with Oceanside Community Policing as the phone line is in the Parksville OCP office and daily calls are taken by OCP volunteers and referred on to the appropriate service.

The goal is to inform the adult vulnerable to abuse, neglect or self-neglect of alternatives and options that will promote safety, preserve independence and improve quality of life.

The Gatekeeper approach does not interfere or violate an individual’s right to privacy or ability to seek assistance.