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October 2011

The other day my mailman knocked at my door; told me there was a bird a few houses away that was in distress (played with by a cat?) and asked if he could use my empty recycle box lying empty at the end of my driveway to transport the cat to the SPCA. Of course I said yes and to let me know what happens.

About an hour later he returned with the box and said that there was no news re the bird. Let’s hope it was mended and is happily flying about.

I have related this story to a few friends, and am interested in their surprise and query as to the thoughtfulness of this man.

Is this a comment on how “jaded” we have all become that a simple act of compassion and “going out of the way” has elicited such surprise?

There is no end to the information, news and headlines of how “trying” these times are for our planet, people in all walks of life, business and health. AND that we need to create a new “idea” in all of these areas.

However some “ideas” just need to be remembered and followed-through on!

We create the reality of our day-to-day lives and I love the fact that my mailman creates (apparently) his day with compassion and thoughtfulness.

This is what community, social consciousness and responsibility is all about. I do not know this man; yet I feel that I could have an easy conversation with him, and that I would be respected and heard.

So it is nice when someone…anyone is thoughtful. It makes our day more pleasant and we feel “seen”. Through all the challenges of our day-to-day lives remember it is the “little things” in life that keep us connected, aware and in communion with each other.

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