Robert Anaka is designing his own way back to freedom.

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Every now and then a chance meeting can  create a completely wow!!! moment. Such was the moment when I met Robert Anaka at a Seniors Health Show in Nanaimo last week. Fate struck Robert a cruel blow when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that led to his loss of mobility.

Robert is an outdoors person who needs the wind and the rain on his face to feel fully alive, and to recharge his batteries. M.S. had taken away  his freedom to do this. He not only needed physical assistance to walk he wanted to be able to walk by a river or in the bush not just on a sidewalk.

What he has achieved so far is remarkable, what he is going to achieve will be a game changer for him and for many kindred spirits like him in the years to come.

Remember the names Robert Anaka and Anaka Experience, they will be instrumental in improving the mobility, and returning freedom,  to those who need it most.

Robert’s account for this part of his journey is written in his own words below.

Thank you Robert for who you are and what you are doing.

Roy Summerhayes.

My story begins when multiple sclerosis took over my life in June of 2006. It hit hard and often for over a year. I ended up with progressive MS with no treatments available. My neurologist could only offer this advice. Stay home feeling sorry for yourself and be bed ridden in a very short time or get out and walk/exercise to keep as much muscle tone as possible.

I chose the latter.

My psychiatrist suggested finding a hobby. I chose photography as I already had a background within the industry. Went out with my new walker and found that there was no way I was going to be able to take anything but pictures of mall parking lots due to the design parameters of what was available.

I started to search for something that would help me to go on pathways, through snow and even into small streams. Could not find anything to fit my needs. I spent more time carrying my walker or dragging it behind me then actually using it to help me. Every outing was exhausting.

After many years of designing and re-designing I have finally built my ultimate off-road walker. I can visit Long Beach on Vancouver Island, walking the sandy beach and getting my feet wet in the ocean.

Anaka Experience.

We now live in Parksville BC and I can walk the pathways to visit Englishman river falls or Rathtrevor beach. Being able to enjoy what nature has to offer on the Island is amazing.

Anaka Experience.

I look forward to presenting to the world a final and completed walker design like no other in the first quarter of 2018.

Robert Anaka







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