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January 2012

All revolution must come from within. Each of us, whether we live in Canada, the Middle East, the United States, Russia, China, etc…each of us comes to this “place” quietly, with resolve and intention.

We may have arrived there after much contemplation, discussion with others, a concern that has grown as certain issues have evolved, a helpless feeling and a deep knowingness of un-fairness, imbalance and witnessing injustice and indifference.

When we arrive there…this place that “revolution” seems the only answer, and maybe action…what then?? I think that in North America this might be a shock to finally arrive to this conclusion…it begs the question. ..then what?? How do I make a change in this??…How do I take a stand?…Who will it impact? Positively or negatively?

Recently the event of “Occupy” has been a new phenomenon in our culture. It was long overdue and one wonders just how long the “power brokers’ and governments were watching and waiting to see just how far they could push the masses into the various corners.

The inequalities and imbalance has been obvious and prevalent for decades; yet no revolution. Why now???

Is it the “energy “ in the air as we witness the voices and slain bodies of the brave in the Middle East?

Is it that OUR government is dragging us backwards… to be a society that is one of meanness, distain, corruption, indifference and dis-honesty …all the while we can only stand by…hope for Spring, renewal and new leadership?

Again…as peacekeepers, as we once were known, it is difficult to shift from dialogue and discussion to action, talking a stand and raising your voice. Choose your topic/issue…explain (not defend) your point of view and be alert to where you can share and make a difference.

It all starts with each one of us…and you will be surprised and thrilled just how many people feel the same way and this is where revolution starts!

I, for one hope “Occupy” will grow, spread, flourish and infect every woman, man and child with a sense of empowerment, trust, fairness and equality for all !!!

WE are the change the world is waiting for…WE are the NEW HUMAN, that is sensitive, generous, empathic, fair, taking responsibility and making the difference (and sometimes the hard choices) for ourselves and our future generations.

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