Morganne Michel Pickering

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Morganne Michel Pickering

Morganne is an internationally renowned mentor, educator and facilitator. In the past 25 years she had coached both individual clients and corporations in Canada and the US. Her private practice “In Harmony: Living From Your HeartMind”, focuses on and supports the journey of women and their lives. As a speaker and presenter, her topics are “Strategies for Success”; “Living and Speaking Your Life Out-Loud”; and “Is This All There Is?”. She is the creator of ‘Wise Women Retreats and Groups’.

Contact Morganne at 250-923-0084 or

Current Article: July 2012

My Soul’s Journey and My Body
(Along for the Ride)

It has begun to occur to me that life is a stage that I am going through and that it really is about my soul’s journey; what it wants to experience, grow from and delight in creating. I (my body) is just along for the ride. Continue



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