My Soul’s Journey and My Body (Along for the Ride)

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July 2012


It has begun to occur to me that life is a stage that I am going through and that it really is about my soul’s journey; what it wants to experience, grow from and delight in creating. I (my body) is just along for the ride.

The one sad thing is that sometimes, as now, my body can’t seem to keep up…the heart, mind and joy I feel is not being translated as get-up-and-move-it in my body,

There were never truer words spoken than “take care of your body and it will take care of you”. Having experienced no illness or disease I have been very healthy; my body got me to this point and now I want it to take me to …that point…and it is balking…how dare it speak back to me!!!

While I have had the occasional stiffness and cranky joints I just keep moving forward…after-all if I don’t do it, it wouldn’t get done. So here I am once again re-creating my life anew…loving the creativity that is flowing big time, wonderful new people in my life and lots of well wishes from old friends. Love my new home; love, love, love the location for my new business…and all the possibilities…it can’t get any better! Blessings abound !!

And yet…the body is screaming??!! “Pay attention to me”.…”but I’m on a roll here can’t you see this…no time to relax and just Be…get it together…now.…please”

So… what’s a girl (woman) to do? I compromise…I blackmail, I promise, I give goodies to appease the voice and body dis-comforts and I keep moving forward each day.

Yes, I am tuned into my higher self…we are together on this…I am at my soul’s command and expression…we are co-creating this life and my mission…as I choose to accept it, is to take care of me the best way I can so my soul can mature, express and have fun right here, right now! Yeah us!!

It has taken me a long time to be totally present…in my body…in my life…knowing that I am responsible for all that occurs…I am truly having the experience of a lifetime…I get it…and I love it.


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