All You Need Is Love

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March 2012

All You Need Is Love. Imagine All the People….

For some reason I always think of John Lennon at this time (and also on Peace Day). He had a genius for writing the perfect words; simple, direct and true. You knew when you heard them that it was so.

Years ago in writing my thesis I chose “Romantic Love, Fact or Fiction.” This did not take a lot of research as there were/are lots of history, quotes, romantic, fictional stories, etc. to pull from.

My intention was to clear the air on just how bogus this whole idea of romance was. I gave examples of the “Hallmark” moments, the various “created” and designed valentine “must haves” and how this was all a capitalist’s dream. While I did make my point it did take away the warm fuzzies and dreams that each person has about “love” and being “in love.” I was not young when I wrote this (early 30’s) and was probably a bit jaded by then.

Over time I have become aware just how difficult it is for some people to connect through words to express their feelings; some never do, let alone speak them out loud. So I gather the cards, etc. do fill a real need. In pursuing this thought on a larger scale, I know how I feel when watching the various “news of the day” and hearing about all the domestic violence still occurring in families, the many wars about people just wanting to be treated with respect and honesty (and that is really the issue behind all war! … think about it!!!) and I am at a loss for words yet my feelings are running over.

There are times when I just turn off the pictures…news/movies/put the book down …my heart cannot take any-more pain! I feel helpless in the face of it all. Now it is not that I want to stay in denial of what is happening in the world…it is that I do not understand or accept that nothing has changed??!!!

WHY the **** not??? It is all so simple really…. Each religion teaches it …then promptly ignores it!

From …”The Gift of Love…”: Love is not a sentimental attachment to mankind: love is a law; love is a mode of conduct, an attitude. Love does not come to us. Love is within each of us and we must open out a way for it to escape . Love is something that we let flow out of us. Knowing that each person on the planet has the same capacity, needs, desires; we must find a way to let that touch our hearts and minds to develop compassion and empathy for our families, our close community and let it spread throughout the world.

As “humans” we are here to create, connect, make a difference because of our lives here. Right here. Right now. We All Matter!!!

Let this Valentine’s Day be marked as an anniversary each year as to how much you have opened your heart; …how you have listened deeper to a loved one, how you have shared more of your feelings, took a stand against any and all types of abuse, developed a dialogue with a person who feels depressed/worthless, supported an international organization for peace… so much to do… get on with it… and IMAGINE, IMAGINE… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IS ALL IT TAKES.

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